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Our New and Improved Cleanses are Finally Here!

30 Nov Our New and Improved Cleanses are Finally Here!

Why do a cleanse?

Our body’s use 65% of its energy to digest the food we eat. It can take 15-17 hours for your body to digest a single meal fully. Doing a cleanse gives our digestive tract a much needed break and floods our system with vitamins, mineral, and enzymes to help clean and detoxify.

Why do a Vitality Tap cleanse?

You get six unique beverages that are organic, raw, locally sourced, and cold-pressed. They are 100% natural and contain no added sugar, artificial colors or sweeteners!

If choosing a one day cleanse you get up to 18lbs of produce and if you choose, the recommended, three day cleanse you get up to 50lbs of produce. That is more than the average American eats in one year!

There are four cleanses to choose from starting with Level I to Level IIII:

Level I Starter: If you’re new to cleansing, our STARTER cleanse is perfect for you. Rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, it’s great for active people.

Level II Lifestyle: Our most popular, the LIFESTYLE cleanse is perfect for those who want to balance great tasting, easy to drink juices with great results.

Level III Greens: Low in sugar, and packed with nutrients and enzymes, our GREENS cleanse is the deepest clean that we offer. Restore your body!

Level IIII Slimming: Intense and low calorie, our SLIMMING cleanse is ideal for those looking for a healthy way to get maximum results in a short time frame.

Pricing below:

$49 for 1 day

$95.99 for 2 days

$139.99 for 3 days (recommended)

$179.99 for 4 days

$214.99 for 5 days

$419.99 for 10 days

$804.99 for 20 days

Benefits of a Vitality Tap Cleanse:

After you cleanse your body you will feel renewed. Your energy will high and your body can recover and detox on its own. You will have more natural energy, clearer skin, and brighter eyes. Your unhealthy food cravings will be gone and you will not have to eat as much food to feel satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Stop in and get your hands on one of our new and improved cleanses today!

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