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How we acai it!

05 Oct How we acai it!

Secrets behind making a perfect acai bowl!
What every juice bar doesn’t want you to know…


So what makes a perfect acai bowl? These days you can find acai bowls on just about every street corner. But what makes one better than the other? We’re here to deconstruct what goes into an acai bowl, and tell you how to find the best one.

Acai – Acai is a small, dark purple, berry like fruit. It’s native to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. It is high in antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats. Most acai is imported from Brazil and arrives in two forms: a scoopable sorbet, and individually packed servings. The sorbet is processed with sugar and guarana (caffeine). The packets contain 100% acai and zero sugar. Which one would you choose?

Color – Acai berries are dark purple, so why are most bowls light purple or even pink in color? The color of your bowl will tell you how much acai you are getting. Acai is expensive so most bowls are made with half a serving of acai and a bunch of fillers (fruits and juices).  Who wants an acai bowl that barely has any acai?

Consistency – When made properly acai should have a creamy sorbet-like consistency. This is not the case with most bowls you find because the sorbet used is processed and therefore tends to be softer. And once the fruit juice is added the consistency thins out to that of melted ice cream. Who wants a runny acai bowl?

Sweetness – Acai berries contain zero sugar, so why are most acai bowls so sweet? Most bowls are made with the acai sorbet that contains a ton of refined sugar as well as guarana (caffeine). On top of that, most bowls are blended with fruit juice which sweetens an already sweet mixture. All of these items can increase the sugar content in your bowl to over 100 grams, once your toppings are added. So, what you’re left with is a high calorie bowl, a sugar and caffeine high, followed by a crash.

How we Acai it!


At Vitality Tap we use 100% organic acai with no additives and zero sugar. We put two full servings in every single bowl. We then mix that with half a banana and a splash of coconut water, and voilà: the perfect mixture. Then we let YOU choose how to top your bowl. We offer over 15 nutrient-dense superfood toppings.

Toppings include: Almond Butter, Almonds, Bananas, Bee Pollen, Blueberries, Cacao Nibs, Coconut, Goji Berries, Hemp Granola (gluten free), Honey, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberries, and more!

So what you’re left with is the perfect acai bowl!

  • No added or refined Sugar
  • No added caffeine
  • No added fruit juice
  • No fillers
  • 100% Organic
  • 2x the Acai
  • Nutrient-dense superfood toppings





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